Precious 0th Anniversary




Those who know this good looking guy (not me this time though) and this cutest girl, I’ve met in Canada, JUST CELEBRATE’EM,

Today could be one of the most important days for you guys too, eh? 

I just believe you don’t marry someone you can live with. You do marry the person who you cannot live without.

May you have a greatful life from today on, Hide and Kaori.


btw, want more sweet stories or embarrassing photos of them? Just drop me a line, I can talk with you about that forever =)


Precious 0th Anniversary」に3件のコメントがあります

  1. finally they did, huh.;)looks sweet!

  2. 俺じゅんだよ。今日本?

  3. すみえ> いやー、ほんと何より何よりだね。幸せをたっぷり分けてもらったよ。JUN> 今は日本じゃないんだな。帰ってたら絶対連絡するよ! I would have definately reached you if I were in Japan. hows going these days by the way?


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