Clear-cut Happiness

Although I have not informed about it to anyone unless they asked, some people just remembered or knew it.
That was perfectly sweet. I never imagined things went like that.

No parties, no special dinner or even no drinks.
I, intentionally, did these kind of things for the first time in my life ever. 
Somehow just did not feel doing things above this year. Then I just became like a quiet shell, closing its mouth tightly.

No parties, no special dinner, no drinks or even no announcement.
However, it let me notice I had many precious friends.

Those who sent me a gift or mail, gave a call, told me celebrating words, made a yummy cake for me in secret.
I appreciate you all cool friends of mine. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I’m writing down this message not only for you but me as well not to forget this stunning feeling.
This will have been making me feel amazed from now on forever, who never remember his friends’ birthday at all.

Again, thank you all for blessing me from all over the world.

  My Friends Seriously Rock!

Special Thanks

Wonderful Cake Makers
Hide as a cheese cake master and Nicha as a pavlova master


Clear-cut Happiness」に10件のコメントがあります

  1. あああ、そういえば。さすがに覚えてなかった、乙女座だったね。おめでとう。

  2. なんだかんだであったんじゃーんw
    From Computer lab. S

  3. mary> いやいや、おとめ座覚えてるだけですごいね。昔のこと記憶できてるのはほんと驚嘆するよ。ありがとう。Sumie> いや、ほんとに誰にも言ってなくて、一番親しい人たちすらノーリアクションというパラドックスが生まれたけどね。

  4. あ、誕生日だったのね。

    wow. I like what you\’ve posted up there. 🙂
    And thank you for  … a message, that\’ so sweet of you.
    btw, I wonder to who\’s a quiet shell. 😀
    take care,
    vc. xx
    ps. I\’m glad you like them, I meant .. paintings.
    But unfortunately, I haven\’t painted anything for almost two years by now.
    I\’ve lost my inspiration and motivation .. I\’ve lost my magic. 🙂

  6. 覚えなきゃいけないことはすっきり忘れるんだけどね。あ、そうそう愛娘4歳のアルバム作ったよ。そのうち0歳の時のも作るつもり。

  7. Yoshio> あら、ありがとさん。カナダ来るのは嬉しいんだけど、冬にならないとこっち離れられないんだよね。別に、来てなにか楽しいようなところでもないから、どうせなら冬にどこか行きたくね?Snow White> thanks. im sorry to hear you will never make those beauties. i will have been waiting you grasp the inspiration again.mary> 愛娘とな?それは実際のお子さんじゃなくて、ワンコの話だよね?最近ありえる年代になってきたから、ほんとにわからないよ。

  8. うん、かわいいだろ。ロッキーももっと載せなさい。いや、暇なら。

  9. mary> are nihongo utenai…  jikan ha arukedo Rocky no syashin ha naindayone kanasii.

  10. そうか、送ってもらったのか。次ロッキーに会えるまでの癒しに、ラッチーは大量にあるよ。気が向いたらどうぞ~。


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