The Worst Day Ever Here and One Tiny Meeting

As you know or maybe not, I don’t be mad so often.

Simply because I believe, ‘Sometimes bad things happen or unpleasant people bump into me, but that’s the way goes.
I never want to waste my time to be angry or irritated at something. Why not think about better concerns?’

But my logic didn’t work today at all. Successive accidents had been making me go to another world with full of stress.

 When I woke up, somehow I remembered everything I dreamed about during a short sleep.
 Saw my friend in a bus accidentally and talked about something sweet. 
 It was an officially  charming time.

 As he got off in a few minutes, smiling to me nicely, another friend got on and found me
 with a full of smile.
 Again, I could enjoy the whole conversation with her, chatting about Japanese Dramas or
 something innocent.

 And suddenly, when she said "Well, I gotta go now. Sorry"
 I woke up, sweating much in my room with only myself there.

I, myself, dream a lot. To be perfectly honest, I dream during every single night or day’s nap since a year ago or so.

And I have figured out that, more or less, bad dreams are far better than good dreams because you would be significantly disappointed with your awakening and know that were the first event of the day.

So, it was my first bad thing of the day, and unfortunately it has continued forever.

As I stepped out of my apartment, it was tragically hot as if there were three or four suns in this little nice world.

As I tried to register courses, every single staff in this university said it’s not acceptable because I missed an appointment day, which I could never know the day because they failed sending a mail containing the information to me because of the system error.

As I bought a bottle of orange juice, the one waiting for me to be picked up was apple juice.

As I finished studying at the university and went home, it was severely raining and lightning as well.

As I tried to go through the entrance of my apartment, my card key wasn’t accepted and I was locked out for dozens of minutes, drenched like a poor dog waiting in a carboard for someone to find him or her someday.

As I turned on my PC, he didn’t say hello to me, remaining him too much reserved.

Then I suddenly got furious at everything I was done through the day by every element, opening my room’s door to go out. 
All in all, there were nothing occurred by my lack of responsibility or unappropriate attitude.

I threw away some papers occupying a tiny space on my desk.
I drank off a glass of wine without breathing, which I bought for some nice party a couple days ago.

And I opened a fridge to seek something to eat and saw a tiny sliced tomato in it.

 Then somehow my crazy feeling packing any kind of anger disappeared in the air, with no sound.

 Still I cannot say well why that tomato made me settled like that in words, but it did happen 
 between me and the tomato.

 I just assume if there were a whole tomato there, I wouldn’t have felt like that. 
 And for some reason I know it should be properly sliced but with no wrap to touch me.

 Okey-dokey, I’m going to explain it in words as much as possible.

 The feature was as if telling me,

  ‘The earth goes around equally with you and me whether you got mad or you were in a fridge.’

 It was like an independent man standing on the ground with a huge proud and plesure.  

After all, the sliced and unwrapped tomato made me change toward good direction, consciously or unconsciously.
And I pondered that it was not such a bad day today, thanking my red buddy mightily from the bottom of my heart.

The tiny tomato belonging to someone else but me could make me feel like this. So what I cannot do on the earth? 


The Worst Day Ever Here and One Tiny Meeting」に4件のコメントがあります

  1. 7/26/2007
    So, it wasn\’t the worst day ever for you, and you had the precious moment, did you?
     Great for you. Please share the special feeling with your friends and me.

  2. あー、何か分かる気がする。苛々してて、ふと何かに目を留めて、面白いから撮ろう、なんていつもの癖が出るともう和んでたり。 …でもさぁ、他に自販機ないのかよ(笑)

  3. あっしまった、署名昔使ってた方にしちゃった。まぁどっちでもいいか。

  4. Active A> yes, exactly. but I\’m afraid its really more challenging to describe it in person.
    mary n marie>自販機は他にもあるけれど引き寄せられるんだよね。宇宙にブラックホールの存在が証明できなかろうが、僕は地球上に見つけた!


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